Web Development >> HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery and joomla

PHP and MySQL™ are two of the most popular open source technologies to emerge during the past decade. PHP is a powerful language for writing server-side Web applications. MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. Together, these two technologies provide you with a powerful platform for building database-driven Web applications. This hands-on MySQL and PHP training course teaches attendees everything they need to successfully build data-driven Web sites using MySQL and PHP. JavaScript is a client side scripting that gives life to a website. And jQuery is the implementation of advance JavaScript preformed functions.

Course Objectives
  • Learning HTML
  • Overview of CSS and CSS frameworks
  • Familiarity with PHP languages and syntax
  • Integration of PHP with HTML
  • Processing form data
  • Inserting form data into MySQL
  • Fetching data from MySQL
  • Sending Emails using PHP using inbuilt methods
  • Uploading images/files on the server
  • Securing contents using Cookies and Sessions
  • Writing Clients side scripting
  • Making Advanced scripting with jQuery
  • Joomla installation and configuration
Who Are Encouraged to Attend?

This course is designed for individuals who have been developing web pages with a GUI and want to progress to developing using three tier architecture (Client, Middle, and Database).

Course Duration

60 Hours, 20 Classes, 3 Hours per class

Course contents
  • Class 01: HTML/CSS Basics
  • Class 02: Detail on HTML tags and their styling with CSS
  • Class 03: Advanced CSS techniques
  • Class 04: Javascript/jQuery Basic
  • Class 05: Programming with PHP
  • Class 06: Creating Dynamic Web Sites
  • Class 07: Advanced SQL and MySQL
  • Class 08: Error Handling and Debugging
  • Class 09: Using PHP with MySQL
  • Class 10: Developing Web Applications
  • Class 11: Cookies and Sessions
  • Class 12: Web Application Security
  • Class 13: Extended Topics
  • Class 14: Content Management Example
  • Class 15: User Registration Example
  • Class 16: E-Commerce Example
  • Class 17: Improving Interactivity with jQuery/CSS
  • Class 18: Introduction to Joomla and its installation
  • Class 19: Inside of Joomla and its configuration
  • Class 20: Course overview

Course Fee: 12000 BDT

GETCO Digital signs partnership agreement with DATATEX A.G. for automating textile and apparel industry in Bangladesh.

A partnership agreement has been signed between Datatex A.G, a Tier 1 Textile and Apparel ERP software provider, and GETCO Digital Limited, an ICT service provider company under GETCO Group, on 7th October 2013. The agreement has been signed by Ronen Hagin, President of Datatex – and by K.M. Mobarak Hossain, Managing Director of GETCO Digital Limited.

Datatex (www.datatex.com) is the world's leading supplier of IT software solutions to the global textile and apparel industry with the largest installed base of textile software with customers in 42 countries and 5 continents. Datatex textile ERP platforms represent over 20 years of continuous software development and refinement in close collaboration with users in the textile and apparel sector.

The goal of Datatex solutions is to optimize their clients’ business by focusing on textile and apparel planning functions, textile and apparel scheduling functions, and a very elaborate and accurate costing functionality.

In comparison to other industries, the textile industry has very different and particular planning and scheduling requirements .Most ERP solutions are designed for general manufacturing and it has been found that they cannot properly accommodate the distinct requirements of the textile industry. Datatex’s solution is researched and designed from the ground up for the textile industry, and so it can meet any complex demands of the industry.

VanguardERP implementation goes underway for ECOCHEM BANGLADESH (PVT) LTD.

ECOCHEM BANGLADESH (PVT) LTD has chosen VanguardERP for automating their business process in a unified integrated software system. GETCO Digital consulting team is working to implement VanguardERP their head office and factory according to a define scope and project schedule.

VanguardERP implementation goes underway for ALIEN WEAVING FACTORY LIMITED

ALIEN WEAVING FACTORY LIMITED has chosen VanguardERP for automating their business process in a unified integrated software system. GETCO Digital consulting team is working to implement VanguardERP their head office and factory according to a define scope and project schedule.

ADVANCED TIPS & TECHNIQUES OF MS-EXCEL: IT Training Starting from Nov 29, 2013

MS-Excel is the most useful, robust, error-free product from Microsoft so far as of my belief. This course is an intensive, full-day course that demonstrates how managers can effectively utilize the full capabilities of the MS-Excel program for a wide range of planning, estimation, and presentation and management applications. The role of managers in companies today is expanding. The program MS-Excel is used by many departments, but most users only scratch the surface of the many ways Excel can be used to perform analysis. This course has been developed to introduce managers to the many ways that Excel can be use as a support tool for management decisions. The course is filled with practical exercises that allow delegates to find out how to get the most out of Excel with the least additional effort.

To provide concise, comprehensive coverage of corporate essentials, Tips and Techniques of MS. Excel. To grasp the essential ingredients of:

For Inquiry: + 880-1730-783272

Graphic Design Course is starting from the second week of January, 2014

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is the two most commonly used software for Graphic Design. Photoshop is layer based Graphics making tool where Illustrator is Vector based art tool. Combining these two, it makes a great source of designs for both web and component design like logo, Banner, Brochures, Business cards, Greeting cards and lots more.

Course Objectives

Course Fee: 12000 BDT

For Inquiry: + 880-1730-783272

GETCO Agro Vision goes live with VanguardERP

GETCO Agro Vision Limited has chosen VanguardERP for managing their entire business transaction in real time basis for better management. VanguardERP has been going live since January 2013 with Procurement, Warehouse Management, Inventory Planning, Manufacturing, Costing, Sales, Finance, Accounts, Human Resource Management and Business Intelligence.

GETCO Telecommunications goes live with Lynx Interconnection Billing System

GETCO Telecommunications Limited (ICX) has chosen Lynx Interconnection Billing System from GETCO Digital to process their CDR (Call Detail Record) and Billing to IGW and ANS. Lynx IB has been going live since March 2013 with CDR collection, Mediation, Rating, Suspense Management, Re-rating, Billing and Call analysis module.